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Bettina Pfeiffer

Bettina Pfeiffer


Who I am

Grown up in the world of gastronomy my life is affected by a lot of different characters. Of course I also love cooking and eating but nevertheless I studied psychology. I specialised clinical, health, work and organisational psychology and occupational health in Dresden and got the chance to get into the field of medicine and psychiatry. For the general knowledge I studied economy, ecological building and architectural psychology by side. At the university and ETH of Zurich I didn’t focus only business psychology but also psychopathology and architecture.

As professional experience I worked in a psychiatric clinic for addiction diseases. In Dresden I worked freelance as a real-estate agent. In the world of BMW in Bavaria I maintained the team of Change Management by moderations and trainings for a while. In Switzerland I passed some years in the field of telecommunications at Swisscom. Althought I was interested in the technical part I stayed focused in people and their interactions.

In self-employment I consulted in the recent years global managers and European leaders in challenging development phases.

In the German Society for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy I learned the wonderful ability of hypnosis. With Hypnosis Coaching and Hypnotherapy I accompany you to discover your hidden powers.

All my general and logical thinking allows me to help you in transforming your complex, interdisciplinary and difficult topics into single, simple solving elements.